The space and geometric configuration of the space, the intended functionality and the limits of the constructed structure that is developed in two floors had determined the organization of some spaces and image of the establishment.
Thus, we understand to implant the sanitary installations of the public, the warehouse and respective dressings room M/F of the staff in the floor -1. In floor 0, the destined spaces to the public are developed fluidly from the vestibule that separates the interior spaces of the exterior. The “bengaleiro” is next to the entrance but with independent access once the first bar was dislocated more for the interior of the establishment. To follow implanted a volume (sanitary installation of support the usuaries of reduced mobility) that it marks the access to the stairses of connection to the floor -1. Finally we conclude the fund of the space with a support bar that also functions as closing of the space of the dance track.
The image of the bar is born of the “treatment” of the walls and roofs with different heights harmonized for the red color and “cuts” in its materials for the introduction of artificial light. It was intended to give differentiated dimension to the roofs in order to increase the legal least height and air volume that is dependant of the maintenance of part of the existing flagstone for structural reasons.



Rua Conde Vizela, 80 – Porto, Portugal

Alberto Nuno Oliveira da Fonseca

Dates planning
Project: 2008 - 2009
Construction: 01.08.2009 / 23.11.2009

João Ferrand

MBJ - Projectos de Engenharia Planeamento e Arquitectura, Lda.
Lusoclima – Soluções de Engenharia, Lda.
VHCPL – Engenharia, Unipessoal, Lda.
João Almeida, Eng.

General Contractor
ConstruPóvoas (Sr. Manuel Póvoas e Sr. Tiago Póvoas)

Constructed surface
320,00 m2

Wood, glass and metallic structure.

Carlos Jorge Coelho Veloso
Rui Filipe Coelho Veloso

Inês Costa


João Ferrand