... sea, shell, sail. Combining all of these together gives
an opportunity to create something original and
symbolic for Docklands area.
An exciting place for people from Dublin, and for visitors
to the city as well. It is a simple symbolic sign suggesting
a connection between human beings and nature. Its
light organic form composed with the river and
surrounding buildings is like an invitation for people to
come and admire the views to the Custom House and
Dublin Port.
The idea was to give to the person a route which will be
like a play between clear, open spaces and mysterious
closed spaces which one could discover many times. The
visitor may choose from a number of levels to
experience the surrounding space.
The building has four interconnected functions: venue,
restaurant, café and gallery. A succession of spaces
draws the visitor through the building. The venue is
placed in the middle of the first floor which allows the
guest to enjoy views over the Liffey again. From the
same level one can enter to the restaurant and the
gallery. At the top of the restaurant there is a terrace
with a garden where one can sit and enjoy a meal.
The form is a light, transparent expanded spiral hung on
the steel frame hidden under its surface. This innovative
solution gives to this from a light and dynamic
appearance, reduces the amount of columns in the
building and gives design flexibility.



Mirek Siebiesiuk

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