Hub-T is a theoretical project dealing with "Dead Zones" problem, and suggesting a new attitude to make use of such wasted areas.
the idea is to create a mixed use towers relying on the infrastructure of highways , in order to help stopping the congestion of modern cities. the Hub-T is a new Skyscraper typology that emphasis the need of thinking out of the box in order to solve the typical issues of circulation, structure and usage of skyscrapers. The relocation of such typology creates a catalysis toward finding new solutions.
Awards, articles , exhibitions -
1st prize at the David Azrieli competition for young architects
AI magazine prize at the young architects category.
Technion award at the final project category.
perspectiva magazine 2008 .
ZeZeZe gallery, Tel Aviv, 2009.
Young arab architect exhibition , Nazareth, 2009.



Hub-T , new hi-rise typology dealing with the "Dead Zones" problem, by Farah Farah in Israel won the WA Award Cycle 5. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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