Because of contact with the nature and city, this site is the place where enjoy the sweet smell of the nature and pleasant sound of the nature and the convenience of the city.

This house is consisted of two masses, one is main house and the other is guesthouse which is to be the representative image of this house.

The cozy outdoor space between the two masses and dynamic space of main garden interact through the open framed wall which functionate as picturesque frame and landscape formative element.

Several open framed walls made of zinc-plate and wood panel make the dramatic inner space of this house with the character of that walls, semi-closed or semi-opened…

As using the same materials in inside and outside of the house, we got the spreading space with vague border between in and outside of this house.

Mountains by the rear-side and the context of surrounding condition of the site made the form of this house to the various composition of inclined metal roofs which are spread dynamic and horizontally.

The name of this house, NOKSUNGHUN, means ‘The house to think the future of life with hearing the sound of nature’.




Hyo Man Kim

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