Helical stair, which have been invented by anonymous architect and used over hundreds years to create elegant spatial experiences, could be mentioned as one of the most beautiful self-supporting structure systems. This project is inspired by those structural merits of spiral stair in terms of construction efficiency by modularity with beautiful spatial quality we can obtain from. Moreover, the ultimate goal of this proposal is to extend its role from the spatial component to space itself.
The structural center of traditional spiral stair is located in the center of rotational axis of structure; however, the unique characteristic of this proposal is started from the offset of 2 different center points of components’ stacking to create variations and make it as one complete structure with spatial quality not as a device for vertical transportation. In terms of assembling process, more than the half of whole components are simply repeating without dimension changes as several prototypes and the others are changed from those prototypes with several dimensional changes. As a spatial experience, dominant occupiable floor keep continuing to the rooftop surface without any spatial disconnections with spiral stair steps, so occupants can have experiences inside & outside of structure simultaneously and have views over Basingstoke Canal.



Helical stair Gallery by Kyuseon Hong in United Kingdom won the WA Award Cycle 4. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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