Submitted by Marco Casagrande

Ruin Academy: Towards the Third Generation City

Architecture News - Nov 11, 2011 - 15:02   10989 views

The Ruin Academy (Taipei 2010-) is a multidisciplinary open source school/research center set to re-think theindustrial city and the modern man in a box – the relationship between the modernurban man and nature.


Ruin is when man-made has becomepart of nature. Wewant this to happen to the industrial city and we want this to happen for themodern man. Taipei is currently presenting the most advanced industrialco-existence of a modern city and uncontrollable organic anarchy, natureincluding human nature pushing through the industrial surface and tuning thewhole city towards the organic. To understand this force the divided academicdisciplines are much for no use, also the politics are providing no tools.Communication needs to find another way.


Ruin Academy has focused its research to the un-official life providingsystems within the official city. These are the systems that are constantlyruining the official Taipei, systems that are fermenting and composting thecity. From the organic top-soil produced by these composts will emerge theThird Generation City, the organic ruin of the industrial city, an organicmachine.