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Happy Threads: Minimal yet Upbeat Display Room by Open Door Design Studio

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Happy Threads: Minimal yet Upbeat Display Room by Open Door Design Studio

Who would have known “Resilience” could have an aesthetic and creative essence to it? Apparently, Happy Threads did and they have etched it into every crocheted masterpiece they weave. And they did not stop there. But what can stop a Women Empowerment Initiative from doing what they set their mind on?.

This time it is their new, high-spirited, vibrant display room, meticulously designed by Open Door Design Studio, that is showcasing their undying love for crocheted creativity and their intent to be there for women who are ready to turn the tide in their favor. 

Happy Threads: Minimal yet Upbeat Display Room by Open Door Design Studio

The room greets you with an ambiance of happy humility, celebrated creativity, and hardy characters exuding from the walls made of recycled chipboard. The selection of chipboard was specifically made to offer sturdiness and breezy lightness to the space. For that and to offer the visitors a minimalist environment that isn’t too imposing to soak themselves in as they delve into the crocheted work of art at the display. But the selection of chipboard wall is not just an aesthetic maneuver, it is an intelligent technique to avoid overwhelming and burdening the limited space too much.  

Happy Threads: Minimal yet Upbeat Display Room by Open Door Design Studio

The Display Room is floored with the most Karachi-esque, pink terrazzo kappcha flooring that every local can identify with their eyes closed. The floor is usually made of a blend of glass and marble which is a tribute to the diversification that is celebrated at Happy Threads. 

The choice of flooring is also aimed at invoking a touch of fine-aging, constitution, and rootedness that is emblematic to the many battle-hardened women whose remarkable crocheted craftwork is at display. Moreover, the floor assists in the sustainability efforts which is rooted in the ethos of Happy Thread right next to their women empowerment ambitions. But that is all a mere outline of what the display room is all about. 

At the core of the construction of the Display Room is the idea of resilience and flexibility something Happy Threads, quite rightfully, believes is allegorical to all women. And what material can carelessly depict all of that than the rope that is heavily visible snaking and threading throughout the room.  

Happy Threads: Minimal yet Upbeat Display Room by Open Door Design Studio

The main display modules are the neutral plywood shelves. The shelves are made with ropes threaded through plywood planks and suspended from the ceiling. A distant look at the display will easily convince an observer that the products are floating and buoyant, adding an unrealistic animation and magic to the place.

The timidly colored shelves allow for a playful retail experience, stealing no attention from the wonderful crocheted products resting on them. Additionally, the simpler, plain panels of uninteresting wood also ensure the observer’s gaze glides from one masterpiece of threadwork to another without punctuation in between.

Happy Threads: Minimal yet Upbeat Display Room by Open Door Design Studio

The smart knitwork of wood and ropes has allowed for a simple and effective method to introduce different height levels in the display. This can be easily exploited to display crocheted toys and other products made for children at a level that is convenient for kids. An auxiliary display unit is a pegboard wall display constructed out of recycled chipboard. 

The pegboard allows for creative expression allowing Happy Threads to add, subtract, and amend boards to display according to the shape, size, or function of their crocheted work of art. The pegboard wall also supplements the aesthetics of the place with a layer of texture that adds to the warmth of the place. 

A mirror is situated on the pegboard wall adding a buoyancy and a mimicry of depth in the tiny space, making it feel more breathable and open, all the while allowing the visitors to test the products before making a purchase.

Happy Threads: Minimal yet Upbeat Display Room by Open Door Design Studio

And with so much going on, one might assume the place is over-imposing and suffocating. One will be wrong. The space, even though tiny in dimension and expanse, is breezy and open, facilitating uncluttered movement. The products enjoy generous real estate getting all the attention of the visitors. 

The lighting also assists in making the place feel unrestrained and highlights all the weaves and loops of the crocheted products allowing one to appreciate the attention to detail and effort of the makers of the remarkable work. To top it off, the place checks many boxes on the sustainability checklist. 

The metal fixing, the recycled chipboard and wood, the cotton, and the rope are extremely cost-effective materials used majorly in the construction of the place making the Display Room a stunning visual and visiting experience all the while remaining within a manageable budget.

Project facts

Project name: Happy Threads

Architects/Interior Designer: Open Door Design Studio

Location: Bath Island-Karachi, Pakistan

Completion date: December 2022

All images © Emaan Rana.

All drawings © Open Door Design Studio.

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