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Zaha Hadid Architects develops new Italian Hyperloop system

Italy Architecture News - Jun 14, 2021 - 11:54   5222 views

Zaha Hadid Architects develops new Italian Hyperloop system

Zaha Hadid Architects has signed an agreement with Hyperloop Italia to develop Italian Hyperloop system across the country. According to an announcement by ZHA, the firm and Hyperloop Italia will jointly design "the next phase of works that marks a turning point for the future of transport."

Hyperloop technology was first unveiled in 2014 by Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX, Tesla Motors and co-founder of PayPal. Hyperloop systems transport passengers at very high speed safely, economically and sustainably. 

It uses passive magnetic levitation technology powered entirely by renewables, Hyperloop system propels passenger and cargo capsules through low-pressure tubes to minimise friction. This system requires only a fraction of the energy needed to power traditional modes of public transport.

Combining energy from renewable sources with regenerative braking systems makes Hyperloop's infrastructure capable of producing more energy than it consumes. The climate-controlled passenger capsules travel in sealed tubes and remain unaffected by external conditions.

"We are looking forward to collaborating with Hyperloop Italia; marrying transformative architecture, engineering and urban planning with the most efficient and sustainable transport network to significantly improve accessibility, connectivity, and well-being in our cities," said Patrik Schumacher, Principal of Zaha Hadid Architects

"We share Hyperloop Italia's multidisciplinary approach which combines innovations in design and operational technologies with advances in ecologically sound materials and construction practices; enabling us to deliver future-resilient projects that are spatially inventive, structurally efficient and environmentally sustainable," added Schumacher.  

"This agreement marks another step forward for Hyperloop Italia and the development of the fourth industrial revolution. It confirms the success of the Hyperloop Partnership Program launched last month by Hyperloop Italia to attract the world’s best talent in developing Hyperloop technologies," said Bibop Gresta, founder and CEO of Hyperloop Italia as well as co-founder of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HyperloopTT). 

"We are certain that Zaha Hadid Architects is the right partner to allow Hyperloop Italia to promote design excellence in architecture." 

"Their decades of global experience in civic and transport infrastructure will be essential to ensure that Hyperloop Italia's transport hubs are intuitive to navigate, sustainable and fully integrated within their urban contexts. We are committed to building the most accessible, convenient and safest transportation system in the world using the new generation of environmentally friendly materials with a high recycled content," added Gresta.

Currently, Hyperloop Italia is carrying out a feasibility study for a proposed route, which aims to reduce travel time from 40 minutes to just 10 minutes between Milan and its airport (Malpensa).

"After months of detailed evaluation, we have established a partnership that will define most Hyperloop Italia projects on the Italian peninsula; connecting our communties with the fastest and most efficient transport technology," said Andrea Minerdo, Chief Revenue Officer of Hyperloop Italia.

"Our designs look to the future with great consideration to the environment and all our communities," said Filippo Innocenti, Director of ZHA. 

"Together with Gian Luca Barone, Project Architect of ZHA, Innocenti added: "ZHA has built celebrated architecture around the world, but being Italian, we are both especially proud to partner with Hyperloop Italia to provide the people of Italy with a transportation system for the 21st century," added Innocenti.

Hyperloop systems are being developed by several companies. More recently, Virgin Hyperloop has tested its Virgin Hyperloop pod in the Nevada desert for the first time, the Virgin Hyperloop pod is designed by Bjarke Ingels Group and Kilo Design. 

MAD Architects revealed design for self-powered Hyperloop system integrated withurban farming. Another Hyperloop system in India is being developed by the Virgin Hyperloop One and will reduce travel time under 35 minutes between Pune and Mumbai. 

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