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AFRICAN CITIES Magazine 1st Edition by Africa Innovation Network

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AFRICAN CITIES Magazine 1st Edition by Africa Innovation Network

Africa Innovation Network brings together experts in various fields to propose innovative solutions to the complex problems related to the urbanization of Africa and the world to improve the quality of life for all. Focused on Africa, this laboratory for reflection and implementation of solutions adapted to the context of the continent covers all areas allowing for sustainable and resilient societal development. The team develops simple and participatory ideas and solutions to make our cities and rural areas better places for all. Based on frugal and human-centered innovations, AIN wants to contribute through its initiatives to build a better future for all through more equitable, inclusive and sustainable environments.

In this first edition of AFRICAN CITIES Magazine, AIN has chosen to dedicate it to resilient and sustainable development through innovative solutions. Through a series of innovations, initiatives and projects on urban planning, architecture or design, you will discover how innovative ideas and solutions are shaping urban systems into more resilient, inclusive and sustainable human settlements in Africa. Various portraits and interviews with practitioners, innovators and change agents in the field of architecture and urban development have been produced to share experiences, examples, best practices and tools for a more sustainable future.

Through this initiative, the AIN team wants to showcase the beauty, diversity, challenges and opportunities of African cities today, and paint a picture of what the cities of tomorrow will look like. At the same time, the team wants to encourage all citizens to participate more actively in the creation of more inclusive, resilient and sustainable cities in Africa.

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