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Preserving The Past For The Future - Morango VR

Pakistan Architecture News - Sep 28, 2018 - 00:30   7873 views

Preserving The Past For The Future - Morango VR

Morango is a Digital Media content marketing agency that has been helping clients connect with their consumers for over 10 years. We have a history of being innovative in almost everything we do. Whether it’s a digital experience, an immersive event or a winning campaign, Morango always strives hard to bring something new to the table.

Morago is introducing a whole new level of experiments, Have you ever had the experience of traveling to the historical heritage sites of Pakistan just by sitting in your room? Sounds unreal? Morango brought the powerful technology of Virtual Reality on the view and gave it a new beautiful sight. We are introducing a new life to the Heritage sites of Pakistan which are not frequently visited or talked about on mainstream media. Over time, the heritage of Pakistan and the rich history that encapsulates it has been gradually forgotten or ignored. 

Therefore the era of social media and handheld devices makes it more than crucial to revive the importance of historical sites and encourage the youth to make efforts for the preservation of the historical sites of Pakistan by using these technologies. 

Morango has been an expert in the production of impactful visuals and intends to produce 360-degree immersive videos and films so we took a trip down to the cultural heritage lane of Pakistan. All of these sites are incredible remnants of Pakistan’s diverse and extensive past, and visiting them will harbor a rich and cultural journey through the history of Pakistan. We gave VR a new side and revealed Pakistan’s beautiful sites which weren’t so much highlighted before. VR films are for the person who likes to explore new places and wants to get a real-time experience of the sight as if you are standing there.

VR Films

To entertain and involve the tech-savvy generation, in support with US Embassy, Morango produced the immersive Virtual Reality videos of beautiful heritage sites to give the audience a close to reality tour of the sites, offering a direct experience with the breathtaking visuals of:

Image courtesy of Morango

1-Hiran Minar 

Sheikhupura, a city of Punjab, Pakistan is the home of the Hiran Minar. The Hiran Minar was built under the reign of Emperor Jahangir in the early 1600’s in the honor a pet hunting antelope named Mansraj, or "Light of the Mind". The structure consists of a huge square-like water tank with an octagonal pavilion in its center. It has a gateway which connects the pavilion with the mainland and a 100-foot-high tower. Along with the beauty of the site itself, the top of the Minar provides probably one of the best views in Punjab.

Preserving The Past For The Future - Morango VR

2-Jinan Wali Deri 

The 21st-century excavation of Jinnan Wali Dheri, or “The Mound of Demons”, is the most significant discoveries if the era. The site got its name after the huge number of skeletons was found here by locals, giving it a reputation of a haunted place. This archaeological site is a Buddhist monastery with a stupa that existed between the 2nd and 5th century A.D. The complex includes the main stupa, as well as a monastery with cells and a central hall. The most remarkable discovery at ‘Jinnan Wali Dheri’ was that of the mural paintings of the monastery corridors, which depicts images of Buddha and figures of worshippers. 

Preserving The Past For The Future - Morango VR


Spread over an area of 10 square kilometers near the city of Thatta, in the Pakistani province of Sindh Makli, is one of the largest funerary sites in the world. The site hosts about 500,000 to 1 million tombs which have been built over a period of 400 years. Among the notable monuments are the tombs of Jam Nizamuddin, Isa Khan Tarkhan, Jan Baba and Diwan Shurfa Khan. The unique structures found in this cemetery are notable for their intricate designs, motifs, and tile-work.

Preserving The Past For The Future - Morango VR

4- Masjid Wazir Khan 

Located deep in Lahore, Pakistan is the Wazir Khan Mosque. It is situated about 260 meters west from the infamous Delhi Gate, where the mosque's Shahi Hammam is located. The Mosque has famously called as the ‘mole on the cheek of Lahore’. The intricate and detailed Qashani tile work, which was a specialty of the Mughal period, has made the Mosque all the more famous. The interior is painted with frescoes that synthesize Mughal art, while the exterior is lavishly decorated with intricate Persian-style Kashi-Kari tile work.

Preserving The Past For The Future - Morango VR 5-Alamgiri Gate

The magnificent Alamgiri Darwaza, or Alamgiri Gate, was built under the patronage of the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb in 1673 A.D. The gate faces the renowned Badshahi Mosque and is the main entrance to the Lahore Fort, situated on the eastern edge of the Fort, and leads by way of a sharply angled passage, to the large courtyard of the Diwan-i-Amm, the most public area of the fort's administrative areas. The monumental gateway is a magnificent passage edged by two semi-circular towers that have boldly fluted shafts and lotus petalled bases and are crowned with domed pavilions. The towers and domed pavilions are widely recognized symbols of Lahore.

Preserving The Past For The Future - Morango VR

Pakistan is a country which is gifted with ample amount of historical treasures. These treasures keep our links alive with our past, and as a Pakistani, it is our duty to do the effort to preserve them for the future generations. Morango aims to continue the work and unlock the achievement of at least 100 different sites in Pakistan. World travel can be expensive. But you can experience heritage locations in immersive virtual reality for little or no cost at all.

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