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"I was forced to drop Hadid's name" claims Patrik Schumacher

United Kingdom Architecture News - Jan 4, 2019 - 07:25   9488 views

A 20-page document containing the striking claims of Patrik Schumacher was released by the High Court, according to BD Online. In an exclusive article, there are serious allegations by Patrik Schumacher against Rana Hadid (Hadid's niece), artist Brian Clarke, and developer Peter Palumbo, claiming that "he was forced to agree to drop the founder’s name from the world-famous practice."

The control of the £70.8 million fortune left by Zaha Hadid still continue over the cases, the one was opened by Principal of the firm Patrik Schumacher last November. 

In November 2018, Schumacher had filed a claim in London's High Court to remove Rana Hadid (Hadid's niece), artist Brian Clarke, and developer Peter Palumbo as co-executors from the practice.

However, the legal papers, lodged by Patrik Schumacher, state that according to Schumacher's claims, "he was forced to agree to pay £7.75 million by the practice (referred to as Zaha Hadid Ltd or ZHL) to a holding company controlled by the other three executors and their appointees". 

Zaha Hadid Design Gallery-meeting in 2016. Image © Archmospheres, courtesy of ZHA

Schumacher claims "I was threatened" by the opponents

Although all of the claims have yet to be examined in court, in the documents, he claims that this would reduce "ZHL’s ability to continue as a going concern", referring to Hadid's legal "letter of wishes" written in April 2015. 

In a legal letter, Hadid said: "Patrik Schumacher should as far as practicable be in control of the business of Zaha Hadid Ltd and Zaha Hadid Design Ltd and should benefit from at least 50% of their income and capital and the balance to be for the benefit of other employees." 

However, Schumacher states Rana Hadid claimed her aunt only amended the letter after he "gatecrashed" a meeting with her lawyers, an assertion he denies.

Schumacher also claims that "he was threatened with the sack if he objected to some of his opponents’ demands," details BD Online. He claims "he wasn’t allowed to speak at her memorial service in September 2016."

"They have sought to undermine Mr Schumacher’s ability to lead and control ZHL", according to Schumacher

According to BD Online's article, in the documents Schumacher claims that "ZHL is a major asset of the estate. It is evident from the ‘letter of wishes’ that Dame Zaha intended it to be transferred to Mr Schumacher and its employees as a going concern. Rather than honouring that wish, the defendants have delayed the transfer and have acted and continue to act in a manner detrimental to ZHL. They have transferred cash and other assets to ZHH [the practice’s parent company] and the foundation despite reducing ZHL’s capacity to carry out business."

"Further, they have sought to undermine Mr Schumacher’s ability to lead and control ZHL as envisaged by the ‘letter of wishes’, and have taken steps to control ZHL directly by means of taking control of its sole shareholder ZHH." 

Schumacher adds: "Given Mr Schumacher’s role in ZHL, the defendants’ personal animosity towards him has coloured their decision-making with regard to ZHL and has resulted in their taking decisions that have been manifestly to ZHL’s detriment."

Zaha Hadid and Patrik Schumacher. Image courtesy of Flickr/arcticpenguin.

After Hadid's death in March 2016, Zaha Hadid's fortune details were obtained from the documents published in 2017and the majority of Hadid's estate were divided into her four executors, which also included Patrik Schumacher. 

The four executors in the list, alongside Schumacher, involved Hadid's niece Rana Hadid, artist Brian Clarke and property developer and Peter Palumbo, former Serpentine Gallery Chairman, who are also the trustees of charity the Zaha Hadid Foundation. 

Schumacher was named as the only non-family member receiving £500,000 lump sum named in the will.

"We hope this matter will be solved quickly and amicably" states ZHA

After the recent statements, Zaha Hadid Architects has sent a response and said that "We hope this matter can be settled quickly and amicably, to the satisfaction of all parties."

"After another successful year, the practice goes from strength to strength and our business is unaffected by the subject matter of the dispute. We remain focused on serving our clients and building on the achievements of Dame Zaha," continued the firm. 

Top image courtesy of ZHA

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