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Tbilisi Architecture Biennial calls for third edition: What’s Next?

Georgia Architecture News - Jun 16, 2022 - 17:27   1368 views

Tbilisi Architecture Biennial calls for third edition: What’s Next?

The new thematic research for the third edition of Tbilisi Architecture Biennial TAB 2022 focuses on the concept of temporality in urban and social life. Taking as an example the recent history of Georgia, the notion of temporality is proposed as an intersection of various conditional factors. 

The concept is shaped based on three main categories: parallel research of time, space, and the built environment. Therefore, we aim to discuss architecture in one of these categories in the section of time and reflect on how architecture coexists with everyday life in terms of duration rather than physical dimension.

Our goal is to look at the present conditional circumstances that are presenting themselves to us for a variety of reasons and do not adhere to concepts of permanence and conceptual stability. Although the "current" qualities of architecture may not make it permanent, it needs to be studied separately/individually and translated to produce a stable setting for the future.

In Georgia, we have been living in a temporary state already for many years. Since our childhood we have frequently found ourselves face-to-face with temporalities when speaking of living spaces, scarce resources, political instability, wars, or means of income. Similar to many post-socialist states, citizens of Georgia describe their lives as temporary, like anything else in their country. We never know what tomorrow brings and what will be the next thing that will help us to go on and keep surviving. What’s Next? is a general question, we ask regarding several specific themes connected to temporality and space. On the one hand, temporary living space is associated with instability, a fragile ground that might break any moment, however on the other hand, it offers a very important and interesting setting to be observed and worked on. By engaging with the question of temporality not only do we concentrate on the space that is to disappear soon but rather bring into the discussion the spaces that were meant to be impermanent, but have become permanent throughout their existence. 

Who can apply 
All interested architects, artists, writers, scholars, urbanists, creative individuals regardless of location, age or experience are invited to submit a proposal. The application process is free of charge.

Submission process
We accept proposals in five different categories:
–Physical projects (works/research in any physical format)
–Digital projects (works/research in any digital media format)
–Educational activity / Workshop
–Contribution to publication
–Urban Residency 

Applications must be submitted in English or Georgian languages. The international jury will evaluate all received proposals anonymously based on the quality of the idea and its direct reference to the main concept of TAB 2022. All suggested projects must have a clear relation to the theme of the Biennial “What's Next?”.

Tbilisi Architecture Biennial suggests the following locations in Tbilisi, Georgia, as points of reference for the submitted proposals and concepts (see drive folder:). Nevertheless, the applicants are free to offer the locations of their choice as well.

Application deadlines
Submission for categories 1, 2, 3 and 4 closes: June 30, 11:59pm CEST
Submission for category 5 (Residency Program) closes: June 19, 11:59pm CEST
Announcement of results for categories 1, 2, 3 and 4: July 24, 11:59pm CEST
Announcement of results of category 5 : July 3, 11:59pm CEST

The results will be available on web, Facebook and Instagram pages of Tbilisi Architecture Biennial.

Applications and all related questions should be directed to the following e-mail: [email protected]. Please, indicate in the subject line the title of the category you are applying for or the inquiry relates to. Applicants will receive confirmation of receipt of submitted documents within 24 hours. In case, confirmation is not received, please, resubmit the application package once again.

Tbilisi Architecture Biennial will take place between October 8 – 29, 2022. 

More information can be found at Tbilisi Architecture Biennial's website.

Top image © Ruud Scheerens.

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