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Nomura Koumuten Japan: 2023 Model House Competition

Japan Architecture News - Dec 06, 2022 - 15:31   1608 views

Nomura Koumuten Japan: 2023 Model House Competition

Nomura Corporation Osaka Prefecture.Japan invites each one of you to participate in our Jan 2023 Model House of architecture competitions. Our company has been in the House building and renovation market in Japan for 50 years. 

We have a monthly in-house competition to look for new abstractions new approaches new building idea for Japan's houses. Would you like to challenge an architecture competition of a family residence?.

Students as well as professionals are equally welcomed.

Criteria for evaluation / 5 points each / 35 points in total

Originality in both concept & plan

Refined design (especially the appearance)


Price competitiveness

Unique exterior material

Energy-saving measures

Low maintenance

Required documents 

Floor plan

Perspective drawing (Appearance) or elevation plan


Interior images

Concept & target (aimed customer type)

Cost price (building + exterior included) without benefit / JPY


Due: Wednesday, Jan. 25th, 2023 / 13:00 Japan time

Submit the required documents to: [email protected].


Friday, Jan. 27th, 2022 10:00-11:00 / Japan time

Chosen by a selection committee of executives only


1,000,000 JPY (30 points or above, and the board’s approval)

100,000 JPY (25 points or above, and the board’s approval)

“President’s Award” might be given to the inspiring plan.

Find out more information on the competition's website (The site in Japanese and English).

Top image courtesy of Nomura Corporation.

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