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Farm the City Redefining the future of cities through urban farming will be held on 19 November

Hong Kong Architecture News - Nov 03, 2021 - 15:56   732 views

Farm the City Redefining the future of cities through urban farming will be held on 19 November

Rooftop Republic is pleased to announce that we are hosting the Farm the City event on the topic of integrating urban agriculture into city design this coming November 19th. 

This virtual event will bring together experts, practitioners and stakeholders in the area of architecture, ESG and sustainability initiatives, green financing and urban agriculture, from Bangkok, Singapore and Hong Kong onto the same platform to explore the potential of urban farming to address the challenges brought about by climate change, rapid urbanisation and an urgency to rethink our food system.

Farm the City will consist of talks and panels, and will take place on 19th November via a virtual platform, with speakers from Thammasat University, Swire Properties, Woods Bagot, Jones Lang Lasalle, DBS Bank (Hong Kong) and the Business Environment Council, sharing how an interdisciplinary approach that cuts across agriculture, urban planning, architectural design and green financing can reshape our concept of the built environment and pave the way for more sustainable and productive cities.

This event is for anyone from real-estate companies to sustainability managers who want to learn about the necessity of integrating urban agriculture into cities, the challenges experts working in relevant fields currently face, and how we can share important know-how and foster the opportunity for collaboration to ultimately support a greener and more sustainable future.

Key topics covered include:

  • A sharing of the inspiration, process and learnings in the design, construction and management of the largest rooftop farm in Asia at Thammasat University.
  • The role that urban farming plays in fulfilling key sustainability objectives, such as green building certifications and ESG targets.
  • How can the architecture, real estate, agriculture and sustainability sectors work together to define the city of the future, taking into consideration wellbeing, biophilic design, and to empower urban areas to become agents of change in the face of the climate crisis.

With 70% of the world population projected to be living in urban cities by 2050, taking action towards integrating agriculture into architecture is more important now than ever. While the appreciation of open-air rooftop farms and interest in growing one’s own food are on the rise, the predominantly underutilised farmable urban space in Hong Kong alone indicates a burgeoning opportunity to create an urban environment that fulfils the environmental, social and economic needs of the cities of the future.

In addition to participating at the event, attendees based in Hong Kong will have the opportunity to schedule a visit at Rooftop Republic’s rooftop farms.

The event is organised by Rooftop Republic, a social enterprise dedicated to creating sustainable communities by transforming underutilised urban areas into vibrant and productive urban farms.

Supporting Organisations: Business Environment Council, Jones Lang Lasalle 

Social Impact Partner: DBS Bank (Hong Kong)

Venue Sponsor: Garage Society

Media Partner: BCI Asia and WSJ+

Event facts

Date: Friday 19th November 2021
Time: 4:00pm - 6:00pm HKT
Location: Virtual, via Hop-In
Language: English

To register for the event, click here (free admission).

Top image courtesy of Rooftop Republic.

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