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Valencia World Design Capital 2022 presents a series of events throughout the year

Spain Architecture News - Jan 29, 2022 - 16:19   768 views

Valencia World Design Capital 2022 presents a series of events throughout the year

Valencia is the 8th city that has been designated World Design Capital 2022 (WDC 2022). 

Valencia is situated on the south-east coast of Spain, this culturally vibrant city is a major port located on the Mediterranean with a long-standing legacy of design. 

Valencia has become a leading example of effective and strategic use of design in public policy, which has resulted in a beneficial impact on industries, infrastructure and mobility. 

As part of World Design Capital 2022, Valencia will present a series of initiatives throughout the year (1 January – 31 December 2022) and will collaborate with the public and private sectors locally, regionally and nationally. 

The program of Valencia World Capital of Design for 2022 will include a hundred events – including interventions, congresses and professional meetings, publications and own productions and exhibitions – that will cover all disciplines of design around six strategic axes: health and well-being, didactics of design, economy and innovation, heritage and identity, environmental sustainability and equity, inclusion and diversity.

Valencia World Design Capital 2022 aims to promote the activity and enhance the quality of this creative sector, making it the main agent for social change and urban innovation. The aim is to generate a whole series of initiatives that will project design beyond 2022, generating a legacy that will transcend and become established as a key value of local and national social fabric.

The Agenda of Events can been seen on this page. Projects can be seen on this page

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