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The twenty – sixth the world award for book of the year of Islamic Republic of Iran

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The twenty – sixth the world award for book of the year of Islamic Republic of Iran

The Twenty-Sixth World Award for Book of the Year of Islamic Republic of Iran has been announced by the World Award for Book of the Year of Islamic Republican of Iran. All scholars, writers, translators and publishers can submit their books for nomination until October 31, 2018.

Call for submissions

The secretariat of the World Book Award holds the 26th anniversary of the award aiming at identifying and introducing of valuable books in two areas of Islamic studies and Iranian studies. The call includes the books which were first published in 2017 in different countries and different languages.

- Islamic studies: history of Islam, Islamic civilization, Quranic & Hadis studies, Islamic theology & philosophy, Islamic law & Jurisprudence, translation of classic Islamic text, Islamic economics, Contemporary Islamic studies, Islamic art & architecture, history of science, etc.

- Iranian studies: history of Iran, Iranian languages, Iranian geography, ancient Iranian religions; civilization & history, Persian literature, Iranian art & architecture, history of science in Iran, Iranian anthropology, translation of great Iranian works, etc.

The features of books:

- Being innovative and creative in providing Islamic insights and Iranian studies

- Taking benefit of significant cultural values corresponding with research criteria and relying on authentic scientific references

- Proportion of number of pages of the book with its content, chaptering the topics, uniformity of content, inclusion of technical list, attempt to edit, an appropriate book figures and lack of misprint

- Observation of essential translation criteria

- Observation of the rules for critical correction of texts along with necessary explanations, providing sufficient duplicate copies for the corrected books

According, the secretariat of the Award Committee invites all scholars, writers, translators and publishers to nominate book(s) for consideration, not later than October 31, 2018.

To send your submissions: 

To nominate your title(s), please first e-mail a nomination letter to the book award secretariat at [email protected] and then send a copy of submitted book(s) to the following address:

The book award secretariat, Po Box 14155-1437, Tehran, Iran.

Tel: +98 21 88861320.

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