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WAC Announces Varun Kumar As Country Reporter Of India

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WAC Announces Varun Kumar As Country Reporter Of India

Varun Kumar - India

Since April 9, 2017

Varun Kumar has been appointed as India's Country Reporter, as part of the WAC's Country Editors/Reporters program. Varun Kumar is progressing with a very consistent and quite passionate way in his writings since he was accepted to the program. Most importantly, what makes a different Varun from other reporters is that he implements the shared feedback immediately in his own way and does not make the same mistakes in the presentations, technic format, or project facts after he is directed. He proceeds very self-confidently. Along with his awesome and stable hard work, Varun takes the information immediately and applies it with his own interpretation as it is said. More importantly, Varun constantly develops himself in his articles in terms of new expressions, interpretations and strategies. Kumar's writings peculiarly do not follow the same style and the same type of contents. He is a real hunter to produce a new content and acts like a professional and experienced journalist. This consistent attitude of Varun will push him to take important tasks in WAC and in any medium focusing on digital journalism. Varun's most viewed article Narrating Architecture In The Comic Way With Anuj Kale has reached over 10,193 at the time of this article.

Varun Kumar was born in India, he studied Architecture at Sathaybama University, Chennai. He has an academic background of opportunities to participate in events, trips and design forums teamed with a pursuit in mainstream subjects. Kumar discovered his passion for Journalism and Curatorship in his current fellowship at a Chennai-based studio by involving research, writing and graphics for its initiatives alongside architecture practice.

"A day spent fine for me has good project outcomes worked in an exciting studio, while looking up websites and blogs during break times for gigs, events, ‘Starchitects’, some Architecture one-o-one’s and tips and tricks to keep me inspired. My work life has been in my hometown, with frequent visits to places for new knowledge and people," said Varun Kumar.

"I wanted to be a Reporter on WAC because WAC’s initiative of establishing a network of writers across the globe caught my eye, when I was looking for writing chances. I enjoy traveling, researching and writing on architecture’s happenings. I’m fascinated about how architecture has its own buzz and I enjoy informing myself with it," Varun Kumar told World Architecture Community.

"I wanted to grow as a journalist and pursue my long time interest of chronicling content. WAC’s Country Reporter Program promised chances to practice this and I applied."

"Being a Country Reporter to me on WAC, like in my context, I have days of architecture practice, and evenings and weekends of journalistic work. I witness personal development as I work this routine with discipline. I’d love to involve in curatorial work in the future. And now, it’s a privilege to work as an architect and a writer, and I’m finding the right balance between the two. My skills as an architect and a journalist are leveling up simultaneously. And being a Country reporter at WAC plays a big role for my future goals," explained Kumar.

"I’m sure all country reporters are learning interesting things about the country they are from. There’s plenty to write about in India for me. And the hunt for hidden stories is certainly a journey worth being a part of. I love this on the whole and so it means a lot to me."

"I certainly developed myself on WAC to write a correct and proper content"

"I had vague ideas of research. Now the time I spent writing solidified my method of building articles," continued Varun.

"I observed some content catch up well and some stay boring (but important). I know the research needed to unravel good insights into my topics. I have seen the importance of fact checking and crediting in my articles. As I wrote, I discovered ways of bettering sentences and phrases to provide a comfy read. I’m discovering better ways of picking and building narratives too."

"Before traveling and meeting people about my content, I upload important questions in my mind that capture each story’s essence. I stay engaged with people and places concerned with my articles. Then the whole process of a 500 to 1000 word article builds well and readers have a good read. But there’s always more to learn and I enjoy staying on track."

"WAC is also a well-organized booklet of what it claims to be-a collection of stories from the design worlds and communities of different countries"

"WAC has given me enough space and time to sit down, breathe and compose a good write up. I also understand that I can’t keep meditating on this, as I need to develop ways of producing more genuine content in short time. And I have also received comments about how progressive my works are, so I feel inspired to push myself to produce more numbers."

"The website is also a well-organized booklet of what it claims to be-a collection of stories from the design worlds and communities of different countries. It is a good reference kit too, and there are chances of connecting with writers across the globe."

"For the submitting system of WAC, the Froala editor is easy to work with. It catalogues all my write ups well. The system helps me think what genre the article falls under (the choices categories it shows in the work space)," explained Kumar.

"If my position is upgraded to Country Editor position, it will help equip myself the skills of a journalist-in-lead"

"If my position is upgraded to Country Editor position, it will help equip myself the skills of a journalist-in-lead. It will be interesting to tackle an editor’s tasks. And I believe the roots I set for myself now as a professional are handy enough for new responsibilities."

"For me, as I approach new domains, I keep imagining how to maintain a balance between multiple things. It helps me ensure that uphill tasks also get done well. As a fresh editor, I will be in office mode, strategizing how to run the job smoothly, and damage proof. And then put things to play. It is a position I believe will add huge value to my career and be more enjoyable."

"I consider that an important test that my articles should go through. I show my final drafts to friends and family. Also to my workplace boss, and most importantly the people/architects concerned with my content. This way I know if my article is readable and enjoyable to people of all backgrounds. I get inputs on writing style, grammar, alternative sentence compositions, image compositions and most importantly, validating the facts and credits stated in my articles."

"I have found news from Italy most interesting. Italy is of course the home of Venice and its events. But there’s also lot of buzz form architecture around Italy. My favorite articles on Italian news are the Pop up press boxes by SET architects; Carlo Ratti’s drone painters; the disused garage wrapped in green in the alps and the underground spherical poetry hall project. And of course OMA/AMO’s works too. They’re all kick ass ideas," continued Varun.

"On WAC, my favorite architect is Kikuma Watanabe"

"I have personal interest in designs and studies that have a value among the public and social scenarios. Of that kind, I saw some interesting content from the Egypt, Sudan and Kenya. It’s always a pleasure to architectural initiatives and studies from rural and community based locations. On WAC, my favorite architect is Kikuma Watanabe. He has a lot of in-depth hands-on structures, and I aspire to produce such works in the future."

"The hardest to generate are ideas like the Italian projects I mentioned. And of course the hardest find them. I aim to hunt for such innovative, designer ideas from India too. It was good to see that WAC has also been to the Venice Biennale. Getting there is one of my dreams and I want to see myself there somehow," concluded Varun.

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