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Call for ideas for the European Future Architecture Platform programme

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Call for ideas for the European Future Architecture Platform programme

From the Mies van der Rohe Foundation, as members of the pan-European platform of museums, festivals and architectural promoters Future Architecture Platform, the Mies van der Rohe Foundation would like to encourage you to submit your proposal to the call for ideas to become part of the 2021 programme Landcapes of Care

This call acts as a multidisciplinary platform for international exchange to echo and give visibility to the ideas of emerging professionals and thinkers through prestigious institutions, museums, galleries, publishers, biennials and festivals.

Deadline for submissions open until 6 January, 2021. 

This year's edition, under the name "Landscapes of Care" will explore the dynamics of solidarity and auto-organisation, networks of trust on a neigbourhood level and of common transition spaces and activities. It aims to initiate dialogues around the challenges of a society in which, facing the challenge of the health crisis, designers, architects and urban planners delve into social and political issues, as well as the spatial and formal aspects of a project, and have proven their ability to act in an effective, rapid and peaceful manner.

Landscapes of Care

Contemporary societies face dynamically changing challenges. The extractive and consumptive logics of the system create globalised issues, impacting different regions in real time. Geopolitical boundaries protect economic returns above and beyond protecting social interests while the recent pandemic spreads, and new territories and ecologies are rearranged according to logics of migration which are inextricably connected to the flow of financial wealth. Confronting this scenario, new regional initiatives question political divisions and corporate interests. Fluid boundaries traced by local organisers and citizens emerge to fill the spaces as yet un-commodified by the free market; spaces of exception free from the control of policy. The flow of persons generates new modes of neighbourhood living and political commitments that demand care, empathy and awareness of the other. The recent health crisis has challenged entire societies, demonstrating how they can effectively, rapidly and mostly peacefully take action. Designers, architects and urbanists see themselves handling social and political issues, rather than simply the spatial and formal aspects of a project; facing up to the challenge of transforming decades of self-complacency into active practices dealing with the politics of relations, of local communities, of energy flows, and of ever-changing urban dynamics.

“Landscapes of Care”, the theme proposed by dpr-barcelona, chosen by the members of FA platform and further developed with CAFx, for the 2021 edition of Future Architecture Platform will explore the dynamics of solidarity and collective self-organisation, the networks of trust working at the neighbourhood scale, and transitional common spaces and activities. The edition aims to trigger dialogues around the challenges of a society facing up to the myths of endless growth, the glorification of borders and national identity, and the hardships labelled as austerity by capitalism.

In this collaborative framework, each institution offers a programme where the selected ideas can be materialized. In the case of Fundació Mies van der Rohe, your proposal will become part of the Barcelona Architecture Week.

Be part of the 2021 European architecture programme Landscapes of Care, and see how the Future Architecture Platform can help you develop your proposal.

Apply from this page. Download Terms and Conditions 2021

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