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ArchEurasia Summit will be held on October 1-3, 2020 in Yekaterinburg, Russia

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ArchEurasia Summit will be held on October 1-3, 2020 in Yekaterinburg, Russia

The uniqueness of the ArchEurasia Summit is that, in addition to world-renowned architects and designers, the discussions will be attended by urbanists and popular bloggers, sociologists and culturologists, social movements and government representatives, technology companies and academic multidisciplinary institutions - everyone involved in the process creating a harmonious and safe living space. At the same time, the Summit is distanced from the influence of state ideologies and pressure from industry lobbies.

The program of open discussions and debates includes 16 multidisciplinary sessions with the participation of experts and the general public.

Summit theme: "Architecture and Society".

World Architecture Community is Global Media Partner of Eurasian Prize and will be bringing the latest news about the the prize and summit.

Focus of attention:
- Supremacy of principles of sustainable architecture that meets the requirements of the 21st century
- Reconfigurable architecture: lessons from the pandemic
- Innovative design for social sectors: medicine, sports, tourism, education, etc.
- Professional ethics of the architectural community in the context of relations with government and business
- Social activism and urbanism: the role of social movements in urban development.

The ArchEurasia Summit will result in memoranda, in which the theses of a lively dialogue will be embodied in concrete recommendations to representatives of government authorities and various sectors, including those most affected by the consequences of the pandemic. Memorandums on new approaches to the principles of design and organization of spaces of social environment facilities addressed to representatives of the tourism industry, healthcare, culture, sports, construction, etc. will be presented at industry forums over the next year.

The summit will end with a solemn presentation of prizes to the winners of the XV International Competition for Architecture and Design "Eurasian Prize".

More information about the Summit on the official website

Registration for the Summit:

About ArchEurasia Summit

The Summit was initiated by the Organizing Committee and members of the Jury of the International Competition for Architecture and Design "Eurasian Prize".

The International Competition "Eurasian Prize" has been held since 2003. It is a unique non-profit project that brings together talented architects, urban planners and designers who bring world best practices in social architecture to the world. Since then, over 8,000 professionals from more than 30 countries have taken part in the Competition.

The prestige of the "Eurasian Prize" is determined, first of all, by the stellar composition of the Jury. So, this 15th season, the Jury included the founders and heads of the most famous architectural firms from 16 countries: Patrick Schumacher (head of the Zaha Hadid Architects, UK), Karim Rashid (industrial design legend, head of Kurv Architecture, USA), Ben van Berkel (professor, founder and director of UNStudio, Netherlands), Jurgen Mayer (founder and director of J. MAYER H. und Partner, Germany) and many other stars of world architecture and design.

Summit organizers:

Non-profit organization "Fund of Eurasian Cultural Projects ArchEurasia"

International Academy of Architecture. Moscow branch (IAA / MAAM)

Ural State University of Architecture and Art

Union of Designers of Russia. Sverdlovsk regional branch

All-Russian organization "Urban Renovations"

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