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What real estate developers should learn from architects?

Ukraine Architecture News - Oct 10, 2019 - 12:22   9421 views

What real estate developers should learn from architects?

The second day of the Architecture of The Future has started with a panel discussion titled “What real estate developers should learn from architects?”. 

Panel Discussion has been held by Real Estate Development Companies: Andriy Vavrysh, CEO, SAGA Development; Vitalii Melnyk, CEO, UDP; Dariya Kukharenko, Commercial Director, A Development. The session has been moderated by Kyiv-based architect Dmytro Aranchii, founder of Dmytro Aranchii Architects.

The panelists discussed the values of architecture between Ukraine and the abroad in general. They stated that "Ukraine is a special case that follows a different technology, construction solutions, building prices and engineering solutions here, of course, there is an added value in architecture and construction industry but to answer the question of what we should expect from Ukranian architects, there is no one answer for this."

What real estate developers should learn from architects?

"We should say that it is also possible to bring a value in architecture by using subsequent tools, but developers and all the participants of architecture and the construction industry should look at other countries and the rest of the world at first."

"And then we should understand our first local sources and market, construction skills and prices as well," the panelists added. "We need to understand the core values of our industry and then we should respond the needs in local and global scale."

Regarding the emerging technologies and the new innovation tools, the panelists added that "we should also think about all these technologies advancements how we can embed them into our own infrastructure."

"Understanding of how this space will be used in our local environment is also another case to move forward because this is a matter of taste which is quite important in every aspect," they continued. 

What real estate developers should learn from architects?

The panelists also discussed that "all the developers should visit international exhibitions, see other materials around the world, experience new technologies and tools to understand and test on how new models can be used in their local area."

"So all participants of this industry can understand better their role to bring functional solutions."

The 3-day conference is bringing over 2000 attendees with lectures & discussions of recognized architects from all over the world. The topic of the second edition is "The Inevitable. Disruptive technologies shaping the future of the AES industry" - which will unite 3 thematic days that fully reveal the latest trends in architectural design and construction.

First day will discuss “Future of the City”, second day will focus on “Future of Housing” and third day will discuss “Disruptive Technologies Shaping the New Architecture”. The panelists' discussion has been held under "Private and Public Spaces", a sub-title of the main topic of today. 

What real estate developers should learn from architects?

Tackling with the emerging technologies that shape the future of AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) industry, the conference is bringing together architects, engineers, developers, media – all those who seek to change the world through the development of advanced technologies. 

The 2nd edition of the conference is being held on October 9-11, 2019, in Kyiv, Ukraine

World Architecture Community is official Media Partner of the conference and will be bringing you the hottest topics, key discussions and keynote sessions from the 3-day event.

Curated by Kyiv-based architect Dmytro Aranchii, founder of Dmytro Aranchii Architects, the conference is seeking to change the city through the development of advanced technologies and the creation of iconic projects with key speakers and leaders, including Michael Bentley, Design Director at AI SpaceFactory, Tim Geurtjens, Co-Founder, CTO, MX3D, Xavier De Kestelier, Head of Design, Technology and Innovation, HASSELL, Helen Taylor, Associate & Technical Innovation Lead – Europe Woods Bagot Architects, Rachel Cooper, Associate, Arup, Paolo Testolini, Global Sector Leader – Cities and Places, Woods Bagot, Lukasz Platkowski, Principal, Design Director, Gensler and many more. 

The main goal of the conference is to create a platform discussing the role of new technologies in architecture, urbanism and construction. 

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