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The 12th "YOUR CITY University Students" quarterly, a publication about city is published

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The 12th

The 12th "YOUR CITY University Students" quarterly, a publication about city has been published. 

"YOUR CITY" university students’ quarterly which is affiliated to urban development scientific association of University  of Tehran  is about city and what happens  all over it. With a new viewpoint in each round, "YOUR CITY" makes rounds in cities to narrate their stories which are not heard. Each publication analyzes a special case. In its last publications, it considered the issues such as war, tree, bicycle, art, luxury, etc. In its 13th publication, it deals with city and color to pull out the colors and look at them closely. "YOUR CITY" was published in 2014 for the first time and after a cessation, it is published again.

Concessionaire: Scientific association of urban development students of fine arts campus of University of Tehran.

Language: Persian

Director Responsible of 12th quarterly: Misagh Esmaeilpour.

Editor in Chief of the 12th quarterly: Sanaz Akhbardeh

Magazine's table of contents:

Feedback: How good magazine!

Event: No.6, Minoo Alley

Event: Ball playing in Tehran

Narrative: No cycle turn

Narrative: Let’s got tame the street

Report: Un-gone ways

Narrative: Pedaling

Narrative: Tricycle of bicycle

Narrative: I stop, land, and get on again

Report: Recycle

Note: Tale of two cities

Narrative: Bicycle does not spin my father’s mustache

Log: All its body is red, ruby and yellow

Unheard: Spring in streets of Tehran

Readout: Farewell to Great Britain, Nice to meet you!

Box Office: The autopsy of truth

Tale: Another one

Shelf: New beautiful world

Prowl: In the time of 9:28

You can download the publication from here.

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