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World Architecture Community Awards 31st Cycle Winners Are Announced

United Kingdom Architecture News - Jul 15, 2019 - 02:03   9725 views

World Architecture Community Awards 31st Cycle Winners Are Announced

World Architecture Community team is proud to announce the winners of WA Awards 10+5+X 31st Cycle. Once again, we have 42 winning projects from 23 different countries with a fantastic mix of building types, spanning from China to Japan, from Norway to Israel from Turkey to Spain. In short, the winning countries can be listed as: China, Japan, India, Thailand, Norway, Pakistan, Israel, Turkey, Malawi, France, South Korea, United States, Spain, Ukraine, Kuwait, Iran, Canada, Vietnam, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Hong Kong.

In the 31st Cycle, Reiulf Ramstad Architects' Bjørnheimveien Residences has been selected by the votes of Honorary Members and Winners in earlier cycles in Realized Category, while Shintaro Fujiwara's House In Toyonaka from Japan has been selected in the same category. Sanjay Puri Architects' two projects 18 Screens and Prestige University from India have also won the WA Awards in Realized and Designed categories. 

The Architectural Design and Research Institute of Zhejiang University (UAD)'s Yiwu Cultural Square in China, Peter Winston Ferretto's Gaobu Book House in China, Metropolitan studio of Architecture (MSA)'s Re-Tale in Pakistan, Yaniv Pardo Architects' Sacker Park in Israel, Nuru Karim's Straw Bale School In Malawi, Gianni Ranaulo Design's Dream Arena in France, Aleksandr Popov's The Snail Apartments in the USA are also among winners for the 31st Cycle. 

In the Student category, among other great projects, Mohammad Azhar Khan’s Socio Cultural Centre, Rohini in India, Saeed Partovi's A House In Yazd For An Architect from Iran, Ruyet Sefercioglu's Lotus Aquatics Center & Harbour Spa For PRAHA 2032 from Turkey are among the winners selected by the votes of Honorary Members and Winners of Previous Cycles.

You may now consult all of the awarded projects at the World Architecture Community WA Awards Winners page.

One Cycle ends as another starts...

With this announcement, we want to also remind you that the 32nd Cycle of WA Awards is now open for submissions. You can submit your entries until September 15, 2019. If you also want your project to get the recognition it deserves, make sure to participate before the deadline is over. 

In addition, to win a free-of-charge submission, upgrade your membership to Professional Membership from your WAC Settings and send 1 project (Realized or Designed) FREE to each Cycle of WA Awards. See your benefits for Professional Membership here

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