Feasibility, Master Plan and Design Brief Applications
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  Jan 01, 1970 - 00:00

Product Description

Feasibility, Master Plan and Design Brief Applications

The importance of “Pre-Construction” services in the Project Management practice was already discussed in other sections of our website. In that context, the initial Master Plan, Feasibility and Design Brief steps carry particular importance. With extensive support from its sister company INNOCENT (www.innocent.com.tr), Pro^GE has broadly matured its expertise in these steps. 

Constantly improving the ability to reduce the waste of value-generating and very limited resources, through elaborate Master Plan and Feasibility reports, is at the top of Pro^GE’s future goals. Below are some examples.

Below are some examples:

Kartal Urban Redevelopment Project
Design Brief for Doha Corniche
Galataport Feasibility Work
Istanbul / Kartal
Urban Redevelopment Project
Doha / Qatar
Design Brief for Doha Corniche
Istanbul Galataport
Feasibility Work

Cost Modeling and Management

Cost Management is a management practice that starts with a rigorously planned “Cost Model”, which then needs to be meticulously followed. Pro^GE practices Cost Management not only based on up-to-date cost information but also based on its knowledgebase acquired and gathered through its many years of experience.

As the Turkish representative of the London based RLB’s (www.rlb.com) European cooperation network, Pro^GE also practices Cost Management on international projects.