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Product Description

Airborne noises spread out in the air until meeting an obstacle such as a wall or floor. When they hit the obstacle they cause a vibration. A part of such noise hitting the obstacle will reflect, another part will be absorbed and the remaining part will pass over to the back surface. The purpose of sound insulation is to prevent such sound transition between the walls and floors. TOPSILENTBitex; is used to improve the sound transition loss values for regions such as partition walls, ceilings, floors, doors, etc. . It is a bitumen based, flexible sound insulation barrier coated with polypropylene fabric on both sides. 3 and 4mm as different thickness and 4-5kg/m² different weight options are available. TOPSILENTBitex is the ideal solution to increase unit weight, create continuous details and make active noise insulation on critical frequencies.

Field of Use

All building types (partition walls and suspended ceilings)

Technical Information / Product Data

Material: Bitumen


• Thickness (mm): 3, 4
• Width (cm): 60, 120
• Sound insulation
• Fire resistance -120 min.
• Flexibility
• Low Thickness - Fine details


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