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DKM Construction has been established in 2003 with the mission of providing fast and innovative solutions for buildings to be secure and comfortable. In line with the principles of sustainability and environmental awareness, it adopts recycling and zero waste policies in its manufacturing.

DKM that has activities in subjects of Seismic Protection, Vibration Control and Sound Insulation, has obtained an important place in the construction sector of Turkey and surrounding countries, by detailed project management with the approach of the solution in buildings before problems happen, by quality product manufacturing, by-product supply from business partners worldwide that are specialists of their subjects and by supervision services with the awareness of it will be efficient when the right product is used with the right application.

DKM offers consultancy, project planning and calculation, system and detail solutions, product supply and supervision services with its experienced engineers.

Seismic Protection: They are the applications for protection of mechanical-electrical installations and their equipment during an earthquake, for the purpose of these installations and equipment continue their services after. MASON that we are representative of; is providing services in areas of seismic protection and vibration control material manufacturing more than 60 years as the leader in its sector. It is located in local and international markets with its fully domestic production seismic protection products tested according to ANSI ASHRAE 171-2017 standards, which it started to manufacture under the SISMEX brand.

Vibration Control: They are applications towards having under control by analysing their place in the building, examining their effect in the source, isolate and decreasing its amplitude by absorbing of properties of equipment which make up the mechanical system that creates vibration. With the modular vibration absorber pads produced from recycled rubber with the REZONEX brand, spring and rubber hangers, the noise caused by vibration and vibration is reduced to acceptable values.

Sound Insulation: Undesirable sound, in other word noise, is transmitted via airway and solid way. Sound insulation details are created by taking into consideration of properties of building materials to have the sound level that is desired by today’s comfort specifications. In sound insulation solutions, INDEX sound insulation barriers, floating floor membranes; TUNEX impact sound insulation membranes produced from recycled rubber; REZONEX floating floor mounts and TUNEX HQ impact sound insulation membranes produced with the recycling of end of life tires (ELTs) are recommended.

Acoustic Control: In acoustic control avoiding of annoying of sound in an existing environment is based on. It is controlling towards decreasing time that is named as reverberation time which sound loses 60 dB value in a closed environment at. After calculations Acoustic PU or Acoustic Melamine is recommended for decreasing reverberation time.


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