REZONEX - Modular Vibration Absorber
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  Jan 01, 1970 - 00:00

Product Description

100% recyclable modular vibration absorber Rezonex is used to reduce the vibration and noise generated by high frequency machines such as generators, transformers and air handling units. In addition, the modular structure allows the user to use the desired size.

Field of Use

All building types (device connections)

Technical Information / Product Data

Material: Rubber


• Vibration damping
• 100% recycling
• Fire resistance
• Resistance to outdoor conditions

Quality Assurance Certificates: LEED, BREEAM


Private Bilkent International School Ankara
Yeditepe University Oncology Hospital
Isparta City Hospital
42 Maslak Istanbul
Kordsa Global R & D Center
Metropol Istanbul
Zorlu Center Istanbul
Nidakule Ataşehir Parcel 6 / Nidakule P&G Office
Nurolpark Gunesli
Resim Istanbul
Theme Istanbul
Tomtom Gardens
Tashkent Hyatt Regency Hotel
Bakirkoy Hilton Hotel
Maltepe Piazza
Sea Pearl Ataköy
Capacity Shopping Center
Gebze-Halkalı Marmaray
Florance Nigthingale Hospital
Hampton By Hilton Bolu
Sarphan Financial Center
Marinist Kartal B-C-D-E Block
Izmir Tax Office and School project
Istanbul Şehir University Dragos Campus
Borsa İstanbul İstinye Campus
Kartal Lütfi Kırdar Training and Research Hospital
İstanbul Okmeydanı Training and Research Hospital
İstanbul Göztepe Training and Research Hospital
İş REIT Finance Center
Yassiada Hotel Sivriada Convention Center
Prime Ministry Housing Development Administration (Kale Campus)
Bilkent Integrated Health Campus
Istanbul Airport
Su City Government House and Courthouse
Aldağ Akhisar OIZ Factory Building
Izmir Istinye Park Hotels
Gaziantep City Hospital

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