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How can intense site studies and sustainability instigate an architecture that creates a new lively and social downtown atmosphere in the capital of India, that engages the public and creates interactions with themselves and their surroundings. Implementing new forces to the existing makeup of an area will in turn instigate new life, social culture, events, spaces, interaction and development. Skyscrapers have traditionally been intensive developments, demanding huge financial investment and consuming vast amounts of energy. In an age when “ the need to conserve energy and design for a sustainable future is becoming imperative for all designers " the future of the skyscraper could be described as doubtful. However architects, have developed a successful low energy design methodology for skyscrapers. This is known as the Bioclimatic approach. A bioclimatic design is one which uses passive low energy techniques to produce buildings which are environmentally interactive, efficient and increase occupant comfort. This description incorporates three basic elements; buildings (i.e. architecture), environment (i.e. climate) and comfort. The relationships between these three elements i.e. climate, comfort and architecture is achieved in the project.





Technical data

Since the skyscraper is considered as the most unsustainable form of architecture, my main design challenge was to make that sustainable. Not only achieving Environmental, Social and Economic Sustainability. The design was a resource for Water and Energy, to make a Self Sufficient City. Various design objectives were as follows :- 1.Building functionality. 2.Water and wastewater efficiency. 3.Indoor environmental quality. 4.Proper horizontal and vertical zoning. 5.Carbon footprint reduction. 6.To produce energy. 7.To produce no liquid waste. 8.To get biomimitic approach to achieve form.

Project team

Worked as one man army to design this big project with the following scope: • Entrance Foyer • Meeting Rooms • Auditorium • Discussion Rooms • Service Core Etc. 1. OFFICE • Simplex • Duplex 2. RESIDENCES • Showrooms • Restaurants • Cafe • Food Courts • Library Etc. Thrust Area : Biomimic form, Bioclimatic architecture, Energy Efficiency, Urban Design and Sustainable Architecture & Development.


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