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’’Garden Bridge is turning into a national scandal’’ says Rowan Moore

United Kingdom - Apr 17, 2017 - 22:01   3351 views

Rowan Moore from The Guardian reviews new Garden Bridge report written by Margaret Hodge, was released last week. In this fascinating piece, Moore evaluates uncertainties and speculations over the project as 'national scandal' and ''a landmark of the post-truth era''.


First sold as ''a gift to the people of London'', entirely paid for by private sector donations, it is now due to cost a minimum of £60m in public money. Its estimated total cost has gone from £60m to ''north of £200 million''. Its claims to fundraising prowess are exaggerated, its promised transport benefits minimal. Its backers assert overwhelming public support on the basis of a poll that told those polled nothing of the costs and drawbacks of the project.....Continue Reading

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