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New Competition announced by Bee Breeders: Architecture in Virtual Reality

China - Jan 8, 2017 - 16:33   7409 views

Bee Breeders Architecture Competitions announced its new competition in collaboration with revolutionary virtual reality software company Vividly. Archhive: Architecture in Virtual Reality competition looks to explore the endless possibilities of creating architecture in virtual reality.

Participants are tasked with designing a virtual exhibition space that would showcase the work of Bee Breeders architecture competition winners as known Archhive and Vividly software would allow for this digital space to be created and exist online for visitors to explore. The first 100 registrations will receive exclusive access to Vividly software for free. 

This digital hall of honour would exist entirely online and would allow visitors from all over the world to “walk” around this virtual gallery and explore the work of the selected competition winners, as well as occasionally invited guest contributors. World Architecture Community is Media Partner for the Competition. World Architecture Community members will have 10$ discount by entering this promo code: thecall for your Architecture in Virtual Reality registrations!

Digital Architecture by Nicholas Stathopoulos

This competition allows architects to work with any digital 3D modeling tools they choose, and since the exhibition space would exist solely in virtual reality, there are no construction restrictions. It’s all about the virtual reality's architectural spatial quality.

The selected winner’s project will be realised as a new media project - digital architectural space Archhive - providing significant publicity for the designers of this virtual gallery. The Archhive is being planned as a large scale media project that will run indefinitely, launching soon after the completion of the competition.

Room Forteen 'Jonathan Monaghan' in Panther Modern

''Digital architecture is an exciting new venture that allows for unparalleled expression and creative thinking. Without the limitations of physical construction, digital architecture often leads to a collaboration between architects and artists. Projects like the Panther Modern - create a virtual space that can be digitally explored as if in real life,'' the competition organisers.

The Panther Modern is a file-based exhibition space that encourages artists to create site-specific installations for the internet. Artists are able to choose the format in which their installations can be experienced as there is a huge variety of methods available in this totally digital space, and completed rooms can be added to the existing architecture allowing the space to change with each project.

Vividly is an innovative company that have created technology that easily allows 3D models to be converted into a virtual reality experience. The advantages of incorporating this technology in the early stages of project development are significant. 

Immersive virtual reality allows clients and developers to experience the feel and inner workings of a project long before the first brick is even laid. The software that allows architects and designers to visualise and experience their designs in virtual reality leads to a more thorough understanding of the project, and allows them to make changes where necessary that can reduce costs significantly.

Room Ten "MSHR - Brenna Murphy and Birch Cooper" in Panther Modern

Jury members consist of two jury panels titled as Core Jury Panel and Consultative Jury Panel. The international jury members include Audrey McKee, Collin Anderson, Daphné Karaiskaki (Renzo Piano Building Workshop) France, Gemawang Swaribathoro (OMA) Hong Kong, John Paul Rysavy (SHoP Architects) New York City, USA; And-Either-Or Austin, Texas and Brooklyn, New York, USA, John Simons (KPF) USA, Eva Cildermane, Sustainability and business development advisor, MSc. Candidate in Sustainable Urban Development, University of Oxford-all jury members can be seen from here

Room Ten "MSHR - Brenna Murphy and Birch Cooper" in Panther Modern

Eligibility -Competition is open for all. No professional qualification is required. Design proposals can be developed individually or by teams (4 team members maximum). 

Under no circumstances will jury panel members, organisers, nor any persons with whom they have direct personal or professional relationships, be allowed to participate in this competition.

Room Forteen 'Jonathan Monaghan' in Panther Modern

Prizes include; 3 winning proposals and 6 honourable mentions will be selected. Bee Breeders will award a total of US $5,000 in prize money to competition winners as follows: 1st Prize US $3,000, 2nd Prize: $1,500 and 3rd Prize: $500.

Schedule for the competition: Advanced registration can be made until November 23, and Late Minute Registration will be taken between November 24-January 11. Closing date for submissions January 11, 2017. The competition will announce winners on February 15, 2017.

Room Forteen 'Jonathan Monaghan' in Panther Modern

Planned Webinar for the competition will be held on February 6, 2017. The selected top 40 teams will receive invitations via email to attend the "How to prepare your 3D model for submission" webinar. This webinar will allow the shortlist of participants to get their questions related to the model building answered, after which the teams will be given 2 days time to prepare the models and send them for further evaluation. 

The brief and all associated documentation can be downloaded from the website

Top image: Digital Architecture by Nicholas Stathopoulos and other images courtesy of Bee Breeders

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