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Graham Foundation Announces 2016 Grants to Individuals

United States Architecture News - May 13, 2016 - 11:26   8012 views

Graham Foundation Announces 2016 Grants to Individuals

The Graham Foundation announced over $490,000 in new grants to individuals around the world to support 59 innovative projects engaging original ideas in architecture. Among the funded projects are exhibitions, publications, films, live performances, and site-specific installations. These diverse projects advance new scholarship, fuel creative experimentation and critical dialogue, and expand opportunities for public engagement with architecture and its role in contemporary society.

This year’s awarded projects were selected from a competitive pool of 640 submissions from individuals representing 42 countries. The funded projects are being undertaken by individuals and collaborative teams—94 individuals in total—who include architects, designers, curators, filmmakers, visual artists, musicians, and writers from around the world in cities such as Mexico City, Montreal, Athens, Brussels, Stockholm, Cape Town, and Chicago, where the Graham Foundation is based. 

They join an international network of over 4,000 individuals and institutions that the Graham Foundation has supported over the past 60 years in its role as one of the most significant funders in the field of architecture. A full list of the newly named grant recipients follows.

Exhibition (9 awards)
Chelsea Culprit, Ben Foch, Jaffer Kolb, Ian Quate & Colleen Tuite
François Dallegret
Rear View (Projects): Jennifer L. Davis & Su-Ying Lee
José Esparza Chong Cuy & Guillermo Ruiz De Teresa
Adelita Husni-Bey
Farzin Lotfi-Jam & V. Mitch McEwen
Anders Ruhwald
Quynh Vantu
Fo (Folayemi) Wilson

Graham Foundation Announces 2016 Grants to Individuals

Opus/Boffa Miskell, Margaret Mahy Family Playground, 2015, Christchurch, New Zealand. Wonderland: The Design of Childhood, from Lego to the Metropolis by Alexandra Lange, Bloomsbury, 2018. Image © Alexandra Lange.

Film/Video/New Media (8 awards)
Sebastian Alvarez, Andrew Benz, Yoni Goldstein & Meredith Zielke
Esther Figueroa & Mimi Sheller
LoVid: Tali Hinkis & Kyle Lapidus
Prudence Katze & William Lehman
Andrea Lewis & Maura Lucking
Rob Mazurek & Lee Anne Schmitt
Masha Panteleyeva, Svetlana Strelnikova & Nazli Kaya
Juan Alfonso Zapata

Graham Foundation Announces 2016 Grants to Individuals

Children during a heliotherapy session, 1937. Beatriz Colomina -X-Ray Architecture, Lars Müller Publishers, 2017. Image courtesy of Graham Foundation.

Public Program (2 awards)
Joshua Frankel
Aaron Landsman, Mallory Catlett & Jim Findlay

Graham Foundation Announces 2016 Grants to Individuals

Jean Labatut, et al., Princeton Architectural Laboratory (students using the daylighting dome in the mid-1950s), 1947, Princeton, NJ. Climatic Effects: Architecture, Media, and the Globalization of the International Style. Daniel A. Barber, Princeton University Press, 2018. Image courtesy of Graham Foundation.

Publication (27 awards)
Michael Abel & Mina Hanna
Mai Abu ElDahab & Benjamin Seror
Zeynep Çelik Alexander
Daniel A. Barber
Pierre Bélanger & Nina-Marie Lister
Michael Boyd
Neil Brenner & Nikos Katsikis
Maristella Casciato
Benedict Clouette & Marlisa Wise
Beatriz Colomina
John Comazzi
Dale Allen Gyure
Leslie Hewitt & Bradford Young
Sean Keller
Léopold Lambert
Alexandra Lange
Amanda Reeser Lawrence & Ana Miljacki
Jennifer Mack
Julian Raxworthy
Gabriel Ruiz-Larrea
Martino Stierli
James Trainor
Lori Waxman
Allan Wexler
Mary N. Woods
De Peter Yi
Jon Yoder

Graham Foundation Announces 2016 Grants to Individuals

Craig Ellwood, Steinman House, 1956, Malibu, CA. Image © Richard Powers. Craig Ellwood: Self-Made Modern, Michael Boyd, Rizzoli, 2017

Research (13 awards)
Tatiana Bilbao Estudio: Tatiana Bilbao, Gabriela Álvarez, Nuria Benítez, & Alba Cortés
Isabelle Doucet
Charlie Hailey & Donovan Wylie
Simon Herron & Mark Morris
Heinrich Jaeger & Dan Peterman
Parsa Khalili & Shima Mohajeri
Azadeh Mashayekhi
Mariana Mogilevich
Yasufumi Nakamori
Point Supreme: Konstantinos Pantazis & Marianna Rentzou
Damon Rich & Jae Shin
Anooradha Iyer Siddiqi
Filip Tejchman

Graham Foundation Announces 2016 Grants to Individuals
Eero Saarinen and Associates (architecture) and Daniel Kiley (landscape), Miller House and Gardens (exterior view along the south terrace of the children's wing with flowering magnolias), 1953–57. Columbus, IN. Photo: Balthazar Korab, April 1982. Courtesy of Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs: Balthazar Korab Collection- The Miller House and Gardens: A Biography of Modern Living by John Comazzi, Princeton Architectural Press, 2018.

You can reach grantees project pages online.  

Upcoming Grant Application Deadlines as follows:
Grants to Individuals: September 15, 2016
Carter Manny Award: November 15, 2016
Grants to Organizations: February 25, 2017

Top Image: Ron Herron, Death Valley, 1970, London. Courtesy of Simon Herron. Research: Ron Herron: Archigram and After, Simon Herron & Mark Morris. 

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