HABIBEH MADJDABADI- Aga Khan award 2016 Candidate-
Habibeh Madjdabadi is one of the outstanding architects of younger generation in Iran with almost 15 years of professional experience. Her work has been recognized and awarded. Her artistic exploration goes beyond architecture and she is making her mark also in conceptual art and design. She was born in 1977 and got her master in architecture in 1999. Since 2000 she established her design office after winning first prize in a design competition for restoring historical buildings in Iran. One of her recent works is a significant brick residential building in Tehran called 40knots house .This project is among 7shortlisted entries of this year’s worldwide brick award in UK. Another remarkable project of her is the design of MELLAT Bank’s cooper façade which received Chicago Award 2014. Madjdabadi collaborates with Memar Magazine as a member of the editorial board (Memar is the most influential Iranian architectural magazine). She is also recognized by her articles of architecture and design appeared in Iranian architecture magazines.
She is recently working on the design of Norwegian Embassy in Tehran Collaborating with an Italian engineering company called Intertecno.
• Chigaco Award for the façade of Mellat Bank in Tehran (2014)
• Finalist of International Brick Award for her “40 knots Residential Building” in Tehran (2014)
• Third place in Memar Awards for Architecture for “40 knots Residentail Building” (2014)
• Winner of the competition for refurbishment of Maskan Bank Headquarter in Tehran (2010)
• Awarded by Martini International Design competition in Milan. Her work was reviewed by Memar Magazine and displayed in ASIA NOW exhibition in Los Angeles (2010).
• 4th place in the completion for Gilan Order of Architects and Engineers’s Club (2010).
• Winner of Maskan Bank competition for Corporate Signage of the same Bank (2010).
• Awarded by Hermes for her creative cravat design. Her design has been reviewed by Designboom (2009).
• 4th place in the completion for the new offices of Sari (city in northern Iran) Order of Architects and Engineers (2009).
• Short listed in the competition for Schenzen Contemporary Art Museum (2007)
• 4th place in the competition of corporate design for Saderat Bank branches façade (2006).
• Awarded in the Design Competition organized by Iran War Museum (2005).
• Third place in the competition for the new City Council and City Hall of Bam (2004).
• Winner of the competition for restoration and interior design of Divankhane historical building in Shiraz (2003).
Other achievements
Habibeh’s projects have been often reviewed by well-reputed international design web sites such as Archdaily and Design Boom. Habibeh has published around 20 articles about architecture and design. She has been interviewed by Iranian TV and Radio. She has held several conferences and seminars on the matters related to her activities.




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