Juhani Risku, architect SAFA

Architecture, design, acoustics, theory of art, design and architecture, criticism of architecture, criticism of design and art.

Morphology of architecture.

- Theory of Architecture
- Criticism of Architecture
- Concepting Architecture
- Architectural Morphology

Juhani Risku´s motto: "All is enough"

Juhani Risku alias Laïa Karelïa (Laia Karelia)

Present work at Nokia Corporation:
Creative design work at Nokia Corporation in concepting new products, services, use cases; leading creative design teams, training and coaching designers and innovators.

Design & Creation of new products, services and content; leading global teams; visioning and concepting mobile patterns, use cases and holistic solutions (product, customization, services and content creation). Directing mobile UX trends and visions.


Nokia Corporation; Atelier Risku Paris ARP

Industrial Design

3 buildings

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