Alisher Sadykov studied architecture at the RISEBA University of Business, Arts and Technology in Riga, Latvia where he obtained his MAster degree in 2021. Also, he studied interior design at Almaty College of Decorative and Applied Arts, as well as completing a 5-year education in Almaty School of Fine Arts and Technical Design where he later taught art. At the same time, he completed additional courses on interior and philosophy of design in several private schools. Since 2017, he has worked for “ARHIS Architects” under the direction of famous Latvian architect Andris Kronbergs in Riga, Latvia.

This considerable knowledge and smooth transition from art to architecture helped Alisher to found his own practice - “SARAA” which stands for Sadykov Architecture Atelier & Associates, an international practice operating in the fields of Architecture and Design, Urbanism, and Research. As a design director, he is responsible for the design and concept development of numerous projects and competitions.


RISEBA, Faculty of Architecture and Design


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