I’m a fresh graduate. Born on the 23rd of August,
2000. I got graduated from 6th October Qawmia SOLS in 2018
with a passionate dream of being an architect. I
studied Architecture in “Ahram Canadian University”. Began studying architecture for the love of buildings’ designs and concepts behind them.
“Architecture is not based on concrete and steel, and the elements of the soil. It's based on wonder.” - Daniel Libeskind.
It has been my favorite quote so far.
One of the things i enjoy the most of architecture is
the relationship between scientific and humanistic
themes. How an integration between the design of
the building & the theoretical, functional, technical
& social characteristics.
My experiences so far include 7 design projects. I
also tried to relate with the professional world with
some internships & activities relating working with
clients & engineers. Also, I deal with numerous
architecture & 3d modeling programs.
I believe it’s not only the purely architecture design
phase that fascinates me, but also all the other
knowledge that an architect needs to acquire in
order to perform as one.


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