Malavika Madhuraj is a recent graduate with a degree in Bachelor of Architecture from VIT University, Vellore. At university, she was awarded Merit Scholarship for Best Academic Performance during all 5 years. Her thesis on the Rohingya Refugee crisis won her the Honourable Mention award in the ‘Architecture Thesis of the Year competition’ conducted across 104 nations. She has also interned at Hundredhands, Bangalore, where she prepared study models and construction documents for adaptive reuse of the Rockholm Light House Beach in Kerala. She is always on the lookout for opportunities to move beyond the curriculum and implement the skills that she has gathered over the past 5 years in real-world contexts. This year she was selected to attend the 2020 ‘Architecture for Exhibition’ course organised the young architects' competitions. She has always understood design as the core in finding new and creative solutions for tackling practical issues and believes in a multidisciplinary approach for creating a new and alternative paradigm for addressing the unique urban issues prevalent.


School of Architecture, VIT University


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