Meshstduio is a Cross-Disciplinary Architecture and Design Firm based in
Tehran, Iran which was founded by Meghdad Sharif.
He is an architect, researcher, and university lecturer. He holds degrees in
Architecture and Environmental Psychology at the University of Tehran and
The Islamic Azad University of Isfahan.

He has also established the Architectural Research Institute in Iran called
Banamid. Banamid is based on 3 main sections: Research, Event, Media
Meghdad as a director of Banamid has successfully held a high number of
international conferences with the general topic of “Dialogue between Iran and
The World” in Tehran and other cities of Iran. This institution has made a series
of documentary films and reference books related to cross-disciplinary topics in

Having considered his academic experience, it is apparent that he has
contributed numerous articles to various academic publications.
In addition, he has also translated the book entitled “Environmental Psychology
for Design” by Dak Kopec into Persian in 2016.
Needless to say, at the moment, this book is a valuable educational resource for
academic and professional architects in Iran.
Connected with academic research, Meghdad Sharif architecture studio has
actively participated in a wide range of limited and public architecture
competitions. The outstanding contributions to these competitions resulted in
receiving a large number of distinguished rank awards.

Meshstudio is a worldwide network of professionals, strategically located and

working seamlessly as one firm with individual expertise in design, research
and management.

Creating unique experiences with a procedure for improving the
effectiveness of users’ lifestyles in spaces plays a significant role
in Meshstudio design projects.

We think of spaces as places where the memories occur. Maybe architecture is a
a backdrop for all of our best memories of our lives.
It should be taken into consideration that Meshstudio is a laboratory to explore
new and challenging experiences.

The spatial perceptions of users along with the investigated parameters for
environmental psychology in research section is of paramount importance to us.
We consider architecture as a lifestyle which is absolutely essential to enhance
the human experience.


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