It was absolutely essential to summarize the topic of the Design Competition of the Islamic Revolution and Holy Defense Museum meticulously and thoroughly in order to prepare a comprehensive booklet which contained all the necessary information.
The design of the museum improved significantly according to the nature of the design process which followed the conceptual and functionalist approaches simultaneously.
Under no circumstances should the design team ignore some integral issues which played major roles in the design method of the museum.
Having highlighted these fundamental criteria, they can be categorized as follows:
1- The design process of the museum should be implemented in 3 phases with considering the prominent condition below:
If the first and second phases of the project are implemented without carrying out the third phase, the whole building should not seemed incomplete.
2- Based on the criteria of the competition, the site plan of the museum was adjacent to the Imam Khomeini Holy Shrine. Consequently, height limitation was a contributing factor which remarkably led to design a project in horizontal layout in the site plan.
3- The indirect arrival of daylight into the exhibitions should be considered to fulfill the standards of the museum design.
4- The project should be designed in coordination with the numerous entrances in the site plan including vehicle access and pedestrian access.
5- In addition, all the physical requirements of the project should be considered which could be classified as follows:
an artificial lake, open-air museumsParticipants.



This Project Nominated for TOP 6 among more than 470 Partcipants in International Design Competition of Islamic Revolution and Holy Defense Museum.

Client: Defence administration of the Islamic Republic of Iran
Type: Civic & Public Buildings
Date: 2016
Status: Competition
Scale: Large
Awards: Nominated for top 6 among 470 participants

Architects Meshoffice
Designer Meghdad sharif
Design Development Elham hasani, yaghoub Saghi, saeid asadi , Alireza sayyah,
Graphics Rouzbeh Bahramali