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Since the firm was established in 1999, we believe that design has the power to make the world a better and more captivating place.

Strey Architects and Associates is an award-winning practice with a fresh, original and honest approach to design. We value quality and beauty in every project.? With this in mind, we craft authentic spaces for you to work, live and play in. To us every project is unique, and a specific understanding of the client’s personal requirements along with the characteristics of the site is fundamental when designing. We’re passionate about human-centered experience, and how design can impact our lives through sustainability, resilience, well-being, diversity, inclusion, and mobility. We are also committed to advancing architecture through research.

We focus on quality materials, take place making in account and applying mindful aesthetics and simplicity within the design. Our team have extensive experience in the use of sustainable design techniques, when considering place making, we utilize the natural elements of the site and local climatic conditions.

Our experienced team will work closely with the client, to creatively solve the brief, using a holistic and well-studied design approach. Our architectural service includes the full range of work stages, from concept design through to technical drawings and finally construction.


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