Georgia Syriopoulou graduated from the School of Architecture in the University of Patras in 2012 and currently she is enrolled in the 2 year master program of the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands (Msc Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences).She has been awarded with the following distinctions in competitions:Landmark design in the Faliron Bay (Distinction, LDLP Architects) 2012Reformation of the “Theatre square” (Distinction, deltARCHI architects) 2010Redesign of the park “A. Tritsis” (3rd Prize, 4 member student team) 2010.She took part in the workshop “The Athens Project 2010 | Athens Waterfront” (Benaki Museum, 2010) with the participation of Princeton’s and Patra’s Architecture Schools.Since her research thesis, “Representations of the greek landscape. Three interpretations of the national identity”, was a process of deconstruction of an idea of place and identity, then her diploma thesis, “Once upon a time in Arcadia. An architectural tale”, followed the opposite process, exactly constructing a fantasy about a place.Her diploma thesis was presented in 2012 in the exhibition “Utopia 3|Architecture of dreams”.The student project “Living in the landscape” was exhibited in the 6th Student Biennial of Landscape Architecture in Barcelona in 2010.She has been a member of the editing team of Patra’s School of Architecture journal “a2610”, as well as of the school’s new website.


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