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This is an exclusive World Architecture Community documentary series, prepared in the 90's but don't be fooled, it is not outdated but on the contrary, it has a very high archive value. This 12 episodes series covers various topics, from the Great Works of Paris, and there are so many that it took 3 separate episodes to cover them, to Philip Johnson, from the Pioneering of the British National Lottery Administration to the University of Cincinnatti in Ohio or the Middle-East Technical University as well as Istanbul Technical University campuses, from the Vitra Furniture Factory to the IBA Emscher Park in Germany and many more... With English sub-titles, this is a great series to learn from the works of the greatest.

The credits for this series are as follows: Presenter: Özlem Gürses, Editor and Technical Director: Andreas Treske, Concept / Coordination: Prof. Dr. Haluk Pamir and Prof. Dr. Suha Özkan, and Executive Producers: Prof. Dr. Haluk Pamir, Hasan Barutçu and Prof. Dr. Suha Özkan.