Situated on a small site of 2.38 Acres in Jaipur city in India, this building has to be designed for an arid desert like climate where temperatures in the extended summer months rise up to 45°C.

The program which includes guestrooms, dormitories, dining rooms & recreational spaces constituting a company guest house is laid out in a fluid organic manner with all these spaces opening out towards the north. This orientation shields the indoor spaces from direct sunlight that is prevalent from the southern side during the harsh summer period.
Undulating grass mounds creating large berms on the southern side encapsulate the built spaces within, opening into large outdoor courtyards facing the north.
The design itself thus created a more sustainable building less dependent on energy whilst creating sculpted spaces.

The shielding effect of the earth berms on the southern side & the planning of only circulation along this side will result in a building that has a significantly lower temperature than its surroundings.
The organic layout creates a series of fluid spaces with private areas towards one side & public areas on the opposite side. The public areas larger in size are created with increased heights to corroborate to their space dimensioning & thus when unified by the earth mounds & grass cover that envelopes the building, create a unique undulating landscape over the entire site.