Free Fire Floating Resistant House (F3RH):

The observation of how the natural world has adapted to survive in this area, lead to the conclusion that the easier, safest and faster way that local species (plants, insects and animals) have found to shelter in this kind of harsh environment is to go underground. During the bushfires Chocolate lilies (Arthropodium strictum), like many other smaller bush plants have their bulbs protected underground, then, one or two years after the fires, thrive taking advantage of the increased sun light. Therefore, the F3RH concept mimics this natural ability to survive with almost no resources. This way to allow a safety house, F3RH is a self-defensive project integrated in the natural Australian bush landscape. The central feature is a prefabricated floating system which main goals are decrease and minimize the exposed surface and fight the fire. As the Pod itself, F3RH is a prototype to be mounted on the previously implanted water tank.


Floating System:

The practice of building structures to allow humans to live on floating buildings already exists and is a simple system to be applied in this proposal. The first step is to implant a prefabricated tank with two rubber water storage tanks in it, fitted with emergency hose-out connected to outside sprinklers. The second step consists in a hydraulic system similar to the dry docks used in shipyards. This system composed by water tanks and rubber water storage tanks is the sustainable house basis. The house basis shape is a simple box structure and features high stability and security, low manufacturing cost and easy maintainance and repair. Each module has a box type structure in plastic fibre concrete reinforced with a longitudinal and transverse hot-dip galvanized mesh. Frame fitting, electricity and sewerage systems are integrated.

Why Floating?

To provide a fire-suppression system that is gravity fed. After the pressure valves have been opened the water under pressure mixed with fire retardant will be sprayed by the sprinklers mounted in the surrounding area stopping the fire. At the same time house begins sliding down taking the space left empty by the rubber water tanks until being completely protected, functioning as a shelter for its occupants.

Starting point one:

1site+ 1 F3RH system+ 1pod: The set is ready, the re-growth pod is decanted onto the site. The project does not require special technologies and works by water pressure without any electrical or mechanical system. The F3RH concept is valid for other areas conducive to natural disasters as hurricanes. The house is equipped with an emergency kit (food, water, batteries, air purification filter, located mainly inside unit two, in the hall, over de bathroom and near the shower. This unit is the emergency one. Habitants should remain in it allowing them to survive several days until the rescue team arrives or disaster has passed. The proposal aims to protect people lives and their goods as well a fast and cost effective re-building solution for residents who have lost their assets in Victoria bushfires.

F3RH_Project: Free Fire Floating Resistant House by Mafalda Carmona in Australia won the WA Award Cycle 13. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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