the gowanus site is a toxic body in which the degeneration of the space is a direct consequence of the industrial and criminal activities that took place here over time. the environmental clean up is a necessity. there is an hygienic problem that needs to be addressed, and social potential that need to be unveiled. a mere sterilization of the site is not enough, there is a need of oxygen to sustain life. the appearance of a gowanus social movement can be the engine of renovation. such a movement requires a specific space that embed also the dark and degenerated aspects of the area within an hygienic project.
the toxic body is treated thru a fluid dynamics approach, that modulates the space as a fluid matter in order to create the conditions for the formation of a social movement embedding art and environmental issues. creating, lobbying, activism, education, interaction, gathering, organizing are the activities that take place here. the fluid matter behaves like oil spill body: viscosities, frictions, steady matter, turbulent areas, compressible spaces shape the image of a unique hydrocarbon architecture optimized to create the conditions for the settlement of a unique social movement.



hydroCarbon architecture
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cesare griffa + davide guerra + federico rizzo


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