The creation of Tencent’s Shenzhen headquarters as the base of Chinas largest internet service portal, started with a detailed design discussion. Each of the 10 floors and 9 departments required a separate concept with a mix of different design elements (eg. a playground, beach and forest), yet remain similar enough to keep a consistent theme that would convey the company’s creative culture and unique position “between the lines” of physical and virtual reality.



As the project was designed in Beijing, the selection and management of materials based on their economic, logistic and technological feasibility, as well as their ability to satisfy the comfort of the company’s staff and visitors, were carefully considered. Materials included: concrete, enamel paint, glass, stainless, tile, laminated board, plastic tile, metal member and plywood.

Chief designer: David Ho;
Project Manager: Jennifer Zhang;
Designers: Xuanyi Li, Jerry Li, Celline Su, David Gao, Noyard Liu


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