Fort Tilden is a DEGENERATED ARMY BODY that, thru a process of abandon, regained its natural environmental value.

The LANDSCAPE ENGAGEMENT is a necessity. There is a natural value that needs to be respected. Nevertheless, the mere conservation of the natural values is not enough to enhance the site as a vital area for a field house, there is a need of a new nervous system to transmit signals of life.

The appearance of a FORT TILDEN CRITICAL MASS ACTIVITY can be the engine of renovation. Such an activity requires a specific space that embed also ecological protest aspects within the preserved landscape.

The degenerated army body is treated thru a NEURONAL APPROACH, that modulates the space thru a series of nerve connections in order to create the conditions for the formation of a dynamic activity embedding sport and ecological awareness. Ecological protest, activism, gathering, natural education, physical exercise, nature defense planning are the activities that take place here.

The nervous matter has the same principles of a rhizome network: connection and heterogeneity, multiplicity, asignifying rupture, cartography and decalcomania. A NEURON ARCHITECTURE shapes the beach landscape creating the conditions for the settlement of a unique ecological activity.



cesare griffa + davide guerra + rizzo federico