After an earthquake and Tsunami in 2004, EAA assisted in the rebuilding of the classroom for the Ngari School in the Solomon Islands, this project is for the remainder of the required school buildings including a teacher’s house, dorms, and a mess hall.

The design attempts to respect local culture and skills, use local materials and traditional techniques along with modern disaster resistant design. The project is composed of two dormitories, a mess Hall, and staff house in addition to the previously completed school classroom building.

EAA aimed to design a durable, sustainable, and safe structure which involved the local community as the main builders. Because of their deep involvement in the process, the community will be able to maintain the structures, take pride in them, and combine elements from this process with traditional know-how to build more safely in the future.



5 buildings: two dormitories (boys and girls), a mess hall, and a staff house.

This project uses local materials, and principles of ESD such as natural ventilation. It also uses principles of earthquake resistant design and high building safety standards for durability, safety and sustainability.

Vicki Hon, Richard Briggs, David Kaunitz, Nic Ewald, David Rapaport, Rod Simpson, James Davidson, Robbie Dodds, Rod Johnson, TTW (engineers) and funded by Solomon Islands RARP (Relief and Reconstruction Project) and Emergency Architects Australia.


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