Design Intent:
The Client :(General Head Quarters )GHQ Pakistan Army
Competition Organizer: Pakistan Council of Architects and Town Planners Pakistan

The design concept of the Grand Mosque is actually derived from the Islamic Architecture. Islamic Architecture hinges around which is a tool to facilitate the MUSLIMS. As such it is more than a place of worship, it is also a meeting point and site for exchange ideas, weaving religious practice s in to every day experience .
Concept of the project is derived from the essence of Islamic architecture in addition with present era. The design consideration of Islamic architecture consist of GEOMATRY,AXIS<,YMMETRY and PATTERN. This concept and style reflects in the design

Using the basic form of geometry in plan square, circle:
Circle: The circle is not only the perfect expression of justice but also the most beautiful `creator’ of the all polygons both creating and underlying them. Outside the concept of time , the circle has always been regarded as a symbol of eternity, without beginning and without end, just being.
Square: Square is self –reflecting and self-dueling as it emerges from the circle matrix. It is used to symbolizes the square of the earth or materiality.


The centerline of opening or objects that is aligned in a row along the imaginary line. A primary element in architectural composition, around which it is possible to create sense of symmetry both in plan and in the elevation of a building.

Composition of elements revolves around one impotent reference. It is found in all cultures and in all epochs.

In it the halves of composition mirrors each other. Generally in Islamic architecture elevational composition ia based on theory of Bilateral Symmetry.


The Tetracyts has been defined at its most simple and literal level as arrange of four and specially applied to the Pythagorean perfect number, Ten ( being the sum of 1|+2+3+4).
The number is the spiritual image resulting in the human soul from the repetition of Unity, since the final aim to permit the faculties of the soul to reflect and meditiate independently of the external world so that finally it wishes to separate itself from this world in order to join the world of sprit and eternal life.

These five minarets in the plan depicts the five pillars (Column)of Islam



Javeed Akhter


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