Dubai Constant
An urban anchor for a progressive society
Dubai is about change. That’s why it needs a constant.

Dubai constant represents the paradox between constant motion and poised stability. Its structure is a product of dynamic vectors that evoke machine-like rhythms, which, in their lightness, de-materialize the tower’s massiveness.
The rich programs encourage spontaneous and unscheduled events that dismantle any possibility of pinning a singular reading of the experience. Instead, Dubai Constant thrives on fluid and multiple interpretations and transformations, similar to a habitable living sculpture. It de-centers monumentality and makes it accessible to the masses.
Dubai Constant, ultimately, represents the ephemeral permanence, the immaterial presence, and the transient strength that is the future of Dubai. Ever changing, Dubai Constant is the much needed anchor that will ensure Dubai’s constant transformation and growth.


Entry to Thyssenkrupp 11th architectural award
The competition brief required a 170 meter icon of the new face of Dubai in the Zaabeel Public Park.

Polypod: Lead designer, Rabih Ibrahim. Design team, Lina Aburislan and Chantal Harb. Principal, Hani Asfour

Dubai Constant by rabih ibrahim in United Arab Emirates won the WA Award Cycle 8. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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