This small Community Park is located in a residential area of New Grain Market, Mullanpur Dakha near Ludhiana. The park having an area of 2645 square yards is surrounded by fully-built houses on all the four sides. Approach road to the houses runs all around this park and gives access to this park also. Prior to its development, the area was lying neglected and unused. The representatives of the local residents approached the authorities to get it developed so that children can play there safely and elders can have scroll in the morning and evening.
The architect was asked to design this mini park which he did meticulously. The civil development work was done by the Punjab State Agricultural Marketing Board, Chandigarh. The soft landscape like provision of grass, shrubs, plants and trees, and their upkeep/maintenance is being looked after a group of like-minded residents of the area. In a true spirit it is a community park being maintained by community itself.
The design and development of the park was divided into two components i.e., hard landscape and soft landscape. The hard landscape included the paved paths, boundary wall, gates, sitting benches, flower beds etc. All these components are designed in a harmonious manner so that each complements all others. The soft landscape included planting and maintenance of grass, seasonal flowers, shrubs, trees etc. These have been provided by the residents themselves.
The park has been made accessible through two wicket gates at opposite directions. Curvilinear footpaths have been planned along the periphery so that two large lawns can be provided on the inner side. These lawns are ideal places for community gatherings on festive occasions. The lawns have been provided with green grass and have kept free from any plants. Some plantation has been done along the foot paths only. All the existing trees have been preserved and pruned to suit the scale of the park.
The foot paths have been finished with pre-cast concrete pavers. These grey-coloured pavers give organic look and merge well with the green lawns. Four special enclosures have been provided in the four corners of the park. Out of these, two enclosures are dedicated to children and have been provided with pre-fabricated play equipment. The other two enclosures have been planned for senior citizens. These enclosures have built-in benches in semicircular form where senior citizens can sit together and spend quality time while gossiping, joking and having fun. The park though is small yet it is a landmark in the whole area – hats off to the community participation.