The slogan of Media Plaza is “innovation leads to inspiration”. This is reflected in the design.
We envisioned an environment that stimulates creativity. An environment where people can create their own atmosphere and mood for meetings and presentations.

Session rooms
The session rooms are equipped with a span ceiling that contains an RGB light, which can adapt any colour. The floor, walls and furniture are completely white. This way the entire space adapts the colour of the lighting. Customers can create their own ambiance of a “corporate coloured” environment.

Main conference room
This large conference room is equipped with a transparent (ETFE air cushion) roof including retractable screens. Therefore, the appearance of the room can easily change from a dimmed presentation room into a space filled with daylight. Inspired by ancient amphitheatres, it’s possible to have meetings under the “open sky”. A central multi projection and camera unit allows interactive projections on all four walls. Different presentation layouts are possible like a podium, multi presentation or catwalk layout.

In contrast with the conference and session rooms, which are designed in white and aluminium, the foyer is designed in dark intense colours, black, red and orange. The choice of materials and colours is based on the theme “fire and ice”. To intensify the experience of the space, materials were chosen which look hard but feel soft. The walls are clad in orange skai leather. The floor has a black rubber finish.
The glass doors of the main conference room have a foil on them which makes them change colour as you pass by. The exterior of the walls which enclose the main conference room are clad in 7000 stainless steel tiles and are designed as a huge chandelier.



Program Congress centre Media Plaza, 1 conference room (capacity 700 people) and 7 session rooms (capacity 25/120 people)
Size 3000 m2
Status Completed September 2008
Location Utrecht (in the Jaarbeurs complex), The Netherlands
Client Jaarbeurs Utrecht bv

Conference room
floor: white epoxy flooring
roof: white steel construction with transparent EFTE roof with retractable double sun screens
walls: white acoustic stucco (Baswaphone)

floor: black rubber
walls: orange skai leather
walls large conference room: 7000 stainless steel plates equipped with RGB LED light strips
doors: clad with mirror and padouk wood slats

Light Specifications
Oval walls with steel plates: RGB light strips by OSRAM
Session rooms: TL lights above double layer of barrisol, 4-bulb module RGB + white (row every 70 cm)
Light System control panel - a custom made system by TAO

Liong Lie, Roeland de Jong, Jasper Polak, Berry van Empel, Floor Theuns, Jerzy Wozniak, Pawel Garus, Sophie Pfeiffer, Marchien Rijneveld, Monique van der Sande


Christiaan de Bruijne

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